Permanent mansafe fall protection systems

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Mansafe Fall Arrest Lifeline System enabling gutter access and maintenance

This prestigious private school wanted a subtle but effective roof man safe fall arrest system for all year gutter access.

Mansafe Lifeline Fall Arrest Safety Wire System between PV Panels

This smart new building had PV panels fitted to the roof, and needed to keep the cleaned and maintained. A non-trip guardrail was used to satisy the client's desires.

Mansafe Roofsafe Fall Arrest Protection Life Line System fixed to composite roof panels

Riveting the baseplates to this composite panel roof sheet gives it a clean watertight finish

Mansafe Horizontal Lifeline Fall Arrest Safety Wire System between PV-Panels

To safely maintain these PV panels, a roof restraint safety wire system was installed between the arrays, in Plymouth, Devon

Soter Lifeline Fall Arrest Safety Wire System & Walkway

Part of a 1822m fall-arrest safety wire system which included a walkway, installed to protect the roof from damage which could be caused by future maintenance foot traffic, in Exeter, Devon

Installed Roof Edge Protection Guardrail System

Modern building in Devon requiring aluminium guardrail system to have a smart, modern feel to compliment it's design, whilst providing safe access for PV panel cleaning and maintenance teams.


To avoid roof penetrations this client requested a free-standing handrail system, in Poole, Hampshire

Rigid Horizontal lifeline fall restraint rail system in Somerset

This wall-mounted rigid horizontal fall restraint rail system allows the cleaners to safely access and work over the glass roof

Mansafe Roofsafe lifeline anchor Fall Arrest Safety Wire System Somerset

Fall-arrest safety wire system to enable complete roof access in Somerset


Uni-16 safety wire system - a vivid, cost-effective option in Central London


A RoofSafe system installed to meet client demand for a low visual impact

Fall Restraint Rail in Bristol, Avon

This fall arrest safety rail solved the issue where the roof design could not take fall arrest loads if a safety wire system had been installed. Bristol, Avon


Full of modern architecture, the contractor managing this racecourse project asked for a RoofSafe man safe system design to comply with current regulations. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.


This RoofSafe system allows the PV Panels to be safely accessed for future maintenance

Roof-Anti-pendulum-Single-Point- Anchor-Shrivenham

The Single Point Anchor minimises the pendulum effect when accessing the corners of the roof


These smart holiday homes were designed with the fall arrest systems as a subtle addition to the green roof system. Their marine grade alloy gives them the durability needed to withstand the harsh, coastal environment in Cornwall.


When birds over-populate an area, it is effective to use these sprung wire systems which prevent them from landing. Netting is another option which works well in larger areas.


To provide easy ongoing maintenance access, the large bird net was installed. The spacious design ensures users are not prohibited from accessing any areas.

Bespoke man safe system fitted through tiles in Hampshire

This prestigious listed building required fall arrest wire & rail systems to be carefully designed and fitted to retain the building's character and architecture. The rigid fall arrest rail was powder-coated and sits as a subtle addition.

Roof Protection Walkway integrated with roof safety line system running up the roof

A robust walkway system protects the roof sheets from heavy foot traffic, and has been successfully been combined with a fall arrest safety line system for maximum user safety.


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