Permanent mansafe fall protection systems

Fixed Ladder Fall Arrest Systems

Vertical cable-based fall arrest systems can be integrated with any fixed ladder to dramatically enhance the safety of workers climbing a variety of tall structures, from buildings to chimneys, silos to towers.

Designed to follow the profile and gradients of a fixed ladder, a STQ Vantage vertical safety line systems enable workers to move up and down the complete height of a structure without having to disconnect the harness and find a new tie-off point.

To arrest a fall the system is used in conjunction with a guided type fall arrester. The fall arrester travels along the anchorage line, and accompanies the user without requiring manual adjustment during upward or downward changes of position and locks automatically on the anchorage line when a fall occurs.

Removing the limitations and inherent danger of traditional ladder loop protection during a fall, a permanent safety system for fall arrest on ladders will increase worker safety, climbing mobility and productivity.

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The Safety Comaprisons Between Hooped Ladders And Personal Fall Arrest Systems

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Vertical Fall-arrest ladder track systems ensure users are safe at all times when ascending and descending ladders. Even in the event of a fall the user will remain safe and will not suffer the risks posed from falling through a hooped ladder, which can cause serious injuries, especially to a users more vulnerable limbs.

Fixed Vertical Access Ladder with Grap Rails for User Safety.

The client needed to gain regular and safe access to the upper roof area. To match their requirements designed a bespoke, wide ladder to enable easy access. This is a light-weight aluminium design with grab rails for user safety, and a landing platform.


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