Permanent mansafe fall protection systems

What Is The Purpose Of A Fall Protection Systems At Height?

To ensure the safety of all personnel working at height on flat or pitched roofs, fall prevention equipment may need to be installed for properties in the UK.
An approved cable-based fall arrest system, such as ManSafe, RoofSafe or UniLine (ManSafe equivalents), can be a critical component to height safety, keeping users firmly attached to a system. (Mansafe is the generic term for roof fall arrest and fall restraint lifeline systems)
Mansafe horizontal lifeline systems are not always the most appropriate, and collective protection systems such as guardrail systems can be more suitable. Each system has it's own benefits, so ensure you take sound advice before any system is installed to your roof.

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Selecting The Correct Fall Protection System

We provide our clients with the design, supply and installation of height safety equipment.

The team at STQ Vantage is one of the UK’s most forward-thinking specialists in the design and installation of approved horizontal roof safety running line mansafe fall protection systems. You've come to a team who can help you. If you need a safety roof system to protect workforce whilst working at height then feel free contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

As there are several types of permanent fall arrest systems on the market we provide our customers with an advanced and versatile range, to ensure they receive long-life, anti-corrosive systems.

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Fitted installation of permanent fall restraint anchor line wire system on Bitchumen roof and certificated

The completed installation of a roof restraint safety line system. The design enables safe gutter access and maintenance work to be carried out throughout the building life.

Mansafe Fall protection lifeline systems. Installation of a UK RoofAngel fall restraint system post to a roof membrane.

The partial installation of a permanent Roof Angel restraint system, fitted to a bitchumen roof


The benefits to you. Hassle-Free and Damage-Free Installations

Do you ever get that uncomfortable feeling deciding who to put the fall-arrest package with; whether to let the package to a sub-contractor to manage, or direct to the fall protection company. Sometimes people are concerned about potential issues between the roofers and the fall protection company's installation. What happens if something goes wrong, who becomes responsible?

We know some people certainly do dislike this thought, and it doesn't feel great. Especially when you know there could be saving if it you work direct with the fall-arrest company. You feel you could lose out there too.

We realised this was a concern for some customers and geared our approach to eliminate these hassles.

To ensure problems do not occur on site, we liaise with roofing companies to ensure our customers always receive a problem-free installation from us. We found preparation removes problems. So we put in that extra upfront to coordinate our work with other trades to ensure we know what to expect.

Secondly, our engineers are highly trained in installing fall-protection systems to high-quality standards to avoid problems from occuring. That's how we have gained our reputation for quality workmanship, and that's how we will continue.

Customers have phoned us numerous times just to tell us their appreciation of how well we have worked for them. Our aim is to give all our customers the same experience.


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A fall protection lifeline RoofSafe system rivetted to the roof sheets. This ridge-positioned mansafe safety running line system was fitted to a metal roof profile to enable gutter access. Property in Hampshire.

A retro-fit installation of a roof fall arrest man safe system, rivetted to metal roof sheets i Hampshire


Our Approach To You

You might be wondering whether we're any different from other fall protection specialist companies. Well, there are a few things which make us a unique within the industry.

System and Layout Design - Our design capabilities are excellent, and the results speak for themselves.

Our personnel come to you with a combination of Installation Experience, Construction Knowledge and Design Capabilities, so you can be assured the most appropriate system layout will be designed for you.

The Design Team - You will benefit from a highly knowledgeable design team who align the system layouts with the current regulations. They are good at designing the most appropriate fall protection system for each specific project.

They can provide you a quote based on the design you ask for, and sometimes that is the best option. Alternatively, they may offer you something which fits the need more directly, whether it is the easy use of the system, long life, low install cost, fast installation, low maintenance cost, or something else.

How do we achieve this? Experience, experience, experience. You will receive help and advice from specialists who have had over 20+ years of designing and installing systems! They understand the challenges of site installations and working with other trades. They understand what system layouts are easy for users to work from and which designs make it difficult. They understand how to fit systems to ensure there are no issues in connection to the roof, and they know what work leaves a poor quality result. Having the know-how makes the difference to our customers.

A fall protection Roof Angel safety lifeline system for multiple purposes. Once these have been toggle-fixed to a membrane roof a membrane seal will be applied around the baseplates to prevent water ingress.




The point is we will make it truely work for you and/or your customer, and you can be sure you will receive a quality product and service just the way you want it. If you would like to speak to our experienced design specialists call on 01935 474602 or email an enquiry here.

Installation Quality - Have you ever worked with contractors whose purpose on site is only to do their job; and then that's where it stops? There doesn't appear to be any further consideration for or integration with other sub-contractors.

We understand that whilst this causes problems for other sub-contractors it also creates issues for the main contractor (you may have experienced this). The site manager gets involved in sorting out issues which would not have occured if people had considered how their work could affect others trades activities.

So we ensure our teams perform to a high standard on site. Besides a quality workmanship, we ensure the roofers know what to expect when we are on site and how we will work together. It's not complicated, but it makes the valuable difference to our customers when it always goes well.

What Different Fall Protection Systems Are Available?

You may ask, What is the best method of fall protection? Well, there are many systems available and there is no straightforward answer. It depends on a number of factors including, What is the objective of the perfect system? What can the system be installed or fitted to, and what is the construction buildup? Besides this the height safety regulations require you to look at many specific aspects which cannot be easily explained here. If you are looking for a bespoke solution then feel free to get touch. Our team consists of highly creative, design-orientated construction-minded personnel who will happily work through your needs.

If you're looking at safety lifeline system there are numerous types and they all vary in design, functionality and their appropriatenenss, so it's worth finding out from a specialist which system will work best. They include Roofsafe, Uni-8, Uni-8 overhead, Cabloc Pro, ManSafe, Roof Angel, Soter, Keeline and more. If you want to send us your enquiry email


3 Common Fall Protection System Options:

1) Horizontal Lifeline Systems - these are installed on most roof systems, and these horizontal lifeline systems can span up to 12m (40ft) between energy-absorbing anchors, ensuring continuous hands-free roof access for all fall arrest system users.

An incredibly versatile height safety system, these multi-directional cable-based roof safety rescue lines support both fall arrest and fall restraint systems and are engineered by STQ to suit a variety of different roof contours and working practices.

There are also the rigid horizontal lifeline systems. The benefit of the rigid systems is there is no deflection (unlike the safety wire systems), and are specially useful where the fall risk area is close to where the user needs to access.

We insist on all systems we install pass the EN795:2012 test to fully comply with current regulations.

This photo displays the horizontal 3M RoofSafe lifeline system which is effectively colour matched to the roof to reduce the visual impact. With the baseplate clamped to the roof seams no penetrations are made through the roof, avoiding any possibility of roof leaks.

RoofSafe mansafe horizontal lifeline systems, designed for fall protection safety.  STQ Vantage design and install in London cities and throughout the UK. Running line clamped to roof seams

2) Safety Eyebolts - these are used where the user needs to work only within an area of close proximity, and are often a lower-cost option.

Safety eyebolts and abseil anchors inspections


3) Mobile Man Anchors - (also known as deadweight anchors) these mobile systems are excellent where a fall protection safety wire system is required, but due to different applications the system will need to be relocated to various areas around the roof. The versatile Roof Weight Angel Anchor.

Mobile Man Anchor Fall Protection System Weight Angel

For the collective roof fall protection guardrail equipment and systems please see our roof guardrail page.


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What Are The Requirements For A Permanent Fall Protection System?

If you're looking for a guide to the correct selection and use of fall prevention and arrest equipment, this page explains what is needed. Alternatively give us a call and our team will gladly discuss them with you.

Can A Mansafe Running Line System Be Fitted To All Roofs?

No, not on all roofs.  There are varying factors which determine whether it is possible, but in many cases a system can be installed. Below are a variety of roof systems where successful installations have been made, from slate and single ply membrane roofs to metal sheet and composite, and to zinc folding seam and brick walls. There are multiple systems available and it is imperative the correct type is fitted, so should you be unsure feel free to give us a call or email the team.


Bespoke UK fall arrest safety line protection mansafe wire system through roof slate tiles, fitted in Salisbury Wiltshire

Slate Tiles Roofs - This Uni 8™ fall protection post and wire restraint product is best suited to modern building projects, refurbishments and can also be used for industrial safety applications.

Fitted through the slate tiles, the protection system is effective in providing safe access round the roof perimeter. Project completed in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Completed installation of a fall-arrest man safe safety wire protection RoofSafe system in City of London

High Visibility System - In certain instances high-visability fall arrest wire systems are a good alternative to the regular metal-cable systems, as shown in this installation in London City.

This system is very flexible and can be used where space is limited, allowing users to safely access the external areas for maintenance.


Man safe Roofsafe horizontal fall arrest protection line system in Hampshire, Southampton UK

Adjoining Lines - This permanent RoofSafe fall arrest horizontal lifeline system enables contractors to remain attached, while accessing all roof areas, in Southampton, Hampshire. The baseplates are carefully sealed to the membrane to ensure a water-tight finish is given.

Unlike some fall protection systems, the 3M RoofSafe system reduces the need for multiple posts when ajoining systems meet. A cost-effective option for contractors with tight budgets.

Mansafe Roofsafe fall arrest protection safety line post system with toggle fixings

Single Ply Membrane (SPM) - This RoofSafe corner assembly fall protection roof post anchor system is secured using toggle-fixings, which is a current method used to firmly secure the baseplate to SPM's to avoid roof leaks.

Permanent Fall arrest protection RoofSafe safety line system in Plymouth, Devon

Metal Roof Profile - Rivetting this RoofSafe baseplate to the metal roof profile provides the necessary strength to arrest a fall. The baseplate fits to numerous crown centre widths, making it an easy option for sites with varying roof systems.

This completed man safe installation in Plymouth, Devon, now enables users to regular access and keep the gutters clear.

Roof fall arrest protection Unirail system, surrey, hampshire, bournemouth and reading

Narrow Walkway Area - Uni-rail; Where roof areas are particularly narrow, or do not provide sufficient capability to install a safety wire system, the fall arrest Uni-rail system is a good alternative.

Roofsafe Fall Protection Rail Aluminium Restraint System

Cost-Effective Rigid Horizontal Lifeline Systems - The horizontal rigid aluminium RoofSafe rail system provides the necessary restraint to avoid falling off the roof, but allows sufficient access to all roof areas. Secured with seam clamps, the non-penetrating system has minimal affect on the roof.

From the ground there is minimal visual impact, making it an excellent option for architectural purposes, over against the more common post and wire systems. Particularly cost-effective for short systems.

High grade aluminium Capital Safety fall arrest Roofsafe safety wire withstands sea salt in Torquay, Southwest England

Marine Grade Alloy Posts - This high grade aluminium Uni8 horizontal fall-restraint safety lifeline system is designed to withstand years of harsh treatment from the sea salt. Installation in Torquay, Devon.

This project had systems on 3 levels, but the roof build-up differed between them. One was fixed through the Single Ply Membrane (SPM) to the roof deck. Another was fitted to the concrete slab.

Portable Mobile roof Weight Angel deadweight anchor

Mobile Man Anchor - Roof Weight Angel deadweight anchor fall arrest system enables access to the roof edge. The advantage of these systems is they can be repositioned to other areas around the roof, lowering the overall cost of a safety system.

Safety lifeline fall arrest system running along roof centre of these upper class seafront apartments.

Safety On Luxury Apartments - The safety lineline fall arrest system was installed along roof centre of these luxury apartments to provide safe access to all areas of the roof. The lower level also had a wire system, and the route to the top roof is via a rigid vertical ladder with an inbuilt fall-arrest system.

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Our clients ask us to install systems in numerous areas in South England from London, South and Southwest. Areas include London City, Marylebone, South Lambeth, Battersea Park, Westminster, Mayfair, Whitechapel, Canary Wharf, Kensington, Hammersmith, Wimbledon, Richmond, Twickenham, Weybridge and Chertsey and other Greater London areas. Areas outside Greater London include Woking, Windsor, Slough, Egham, Bracknell, Farnborough, Basingstoke, Reading, Oxford, Swindon, Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Birmingham, Exeter, Plymouth, Bournemouth, Poole, Salisbury, Andover, Guildford, Southampton, Eastleigh and Portsmouth.

Our clients are mainly based in Hampshire, Surrey, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Avon, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, but we are happy to help in other areas too.  Our wide coverage enables us to serve our clients in many areas of the country. 

If you are looking for a specific man safe fall-arrest or fall-restraint system then we will be happy to discuss your needs. We install multiple systems, including 3M / Capital Safety RoofSafe system, RoofSafe Rail, BetterSafe RoofAngle and WeightAngel, KeeSafety Keeline & deadweight anchor WeightAnka, QBM Soter System and more. Our systems are guaranteed for quality.

Needing help, needing costs and prices, needing quotes, needing advice or needing design?  Whatever your requirement, give us a call and speak to one of our helpful staff.

For all your fall arrest system requirements, talk to the team at STQ Vantage. Call 01935 474 602, send us a message or email