How We Partner With You For Installations

Our Strategy phase is all about depth and precision. By asking the tough questions concerning your Facility Management needs, goals, and priorities, we ensure a tailored, strategic approach to maintenance that’s in sync with your specific demands.

The Design phase of our service is where customisation comes to the fore. With a clear understanding from the strategy phase, we craft a service package uniquely attuned to your budgetary constraints, operational pace, and crucial KPIs. It’s a bespoke plan, ensuring that the maintenance and service of your fall protection systems align seamlessly with your operational needs.

In the Protect phase, our commitment becomes visible. Our expert team visits sites, undertakes meticulous inspections, and compiles comprehensive reports on the equipment. This hands-on, on-the-ground approach ensures that any potential issues are swiftly identified and addressed, reinforcing the integrity of your systems and their compliance with all necessary regulations.

Beyond just a service, STQ Vantage seeks to be a trusted partner. Our service isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about safeguarding reputations, ensuring ongoing compliance, and most importantly, maintaining the unwavering safety of all individuals involved.

With our dedicated team’s expertise, you can have confidence in the long-term performance and safety of your fall protection systems, knowing every aspect is overseen by professionals.

  • Reliable, professional, and communicative at all times.

    STQ Vantage were reliable, professional, and communicative at all times. The man-safe system was installed quickly and when we had an issue the team responded quickly and adapted the changes as per our request. Many thanks to the team and specially to Alec who has been helpful throughout the process!

    Saioa – Project Manager

We’re collaborative, we’re proactive, we’re supportive. You can’t beat excellent customer service!