Bird Pest Control Systems

The installation and maintenance of effective bird pest control measures is vital for any business subject to the nuisance of urban birds roosting or congregating together on its buildings. The upkeep of your building’s bird proofing is essential.

Issues With Overpopulation Of Birds?

As well as protecting customers, staff and the general public from mess, noise and the risk of attack and disease, humane bird deterrents protect building facades from damage and keep rooftop gutters, drains and ventilation flues free from blockage of nesting material and feathers.

Since STQ Vantage already works at height, installing, inspecting and maintaining fall arrest protection equipment, we also offer businesses a comprehensive installation services for bird proofing, including:


Bird Netting Pest Control 

Protecting your building from being accessed by a wide range of bird species, bird netting provides a highly effective deterrent. It can be used vertically or horizontally, for small and very large areas, and is virtually invisible from more than a few metres away.

Bird netting systems. Preventing pigeons, seagulls, gulls and other birds from nesting on your roof. Contact STQ Vantage on 01935 474602

Access can still be made to this roof area with this large bird net. Installed in Yeovil, Somerset.


Electrical Bird Deterrent Pest Control

Imparting a harmless electrostatic pulse when landed upon, electric bird deterrents are a highly effective means of conditioning birds to avoid an area. Suitable for protecting virtually any kind of flat or curved surface, these dual electric tracks are flexible, very low profile and the ultimate psychological barrier.

Bird Pest Prevention Control Systems. The effective Bird Electric Deterrent System gives pigeons and other birds an electric shock. Fitted to a building in Bristol, Avon.

This electric deterrent system effectively prevents birds from perching on the ledge
Bird Pest Control Spikes
These blunt, upward pointing stainless steel or plastic prongs come in a variety of designs and lengths to cope with different bird species and building types. A humane physical barrier to birds, the spikes can be applied to almost any kind of facade or roof surface, and are usually found on narrower ledges.


Bird Pest Control Wires

Used to deter larger birds from business rooftops, bird wire installations are often preferred by architects and building managers for their barely visible appearance. Comprising steel springs and wires pulled between fixed brackets, bird wires are a cost effective and extremely versatile deterrent.

Bird Pest Spike Control Systems. This sprung wire system prevents pigeons and other birds landing on the parapet. Installation was in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

These sprung wires deter pigeons from landing on the ledge areas and prevent them fouling down the front of the building
Bird Netting For Large Areas

Bird Pest Control Netting systems preventing gulls, pigeons and other pests from nesting on your roofs.

A large bird net spans across multiple roofs to prevent seagulls, pigeons and other birds nestling on the roof areas.


For the installation of your own bird proofing, speak to the STQ Vantage team. Call 01935 474 602, send us a message or email safety@stqvantage.co.uk