Facade Cleaning Services

Cleaning windows with abseil techniques or 'reach and wash' methods must be managed skillfully if the outcome is to give consistent quality. Our cleaning teams instill quality into the work they undertake, delivering consistency which our clients continue to insist on.

Our clients also ask us for full building cleans which require well-managed coordination to work to tight schedules whilst still maintaining quality results.

High Level Window Cleaning

Accessing windows at the highest of levels can also be a challenge too far. With its long experience of working at height, STQ Vantage will find the best solution. It might be using a cherry picker, a reach-and-wash system or by abseiling. We’ll get them clean.

So the next time we’re arranging to inspect your fall arrest protection system, or even if we’re not, ask us about our cleaning at height service. We’ll be glad to help.

MEWP access for atrium glass cleaning

Powered Access was used to clean the underside of this glass canopy. Access to the underside of the glass canopy was unaccessible by abseiling, and too high for a 'reach and wash' pole system.

Glass atrium window cleaning

Abseil cleaning was required to access these areas. Powered Access could not make entry, and using a 'reach and wash' pole system would be impracticable.

Large building window clean   Complete facade and building window clean

This building received a full window clean internally and externally several times througout the year.  Different cleaning methods were used as appropriate.


If you have areas at high level which need cleaning, then please give us a call. Other services we provide cleaning for include:

Solar Panel Cleaning

Like your fall arrest system, roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) panels are just as susceptible to air-bound pollutants and the vagaries of the Great British weather. Dirty solar panels can be as much as 50% less efficient. If yours are dirty, performing poorly, and you want to improve their energy efficiencies, contact us to discuss your rooftop solar panels needs.

Building Facade Cleaning

You will often find the first impression counts, especially if you own or manage a prestigious looking building. They look great when they are first built, but after a few months and years they can look old and dirty, when in fact it is only the surface which needs cleaning and brightening up. 

Whether your building has a modern rendered finish, a stylish cladding envelope, or brickwork it's appearance can probably be improved once the grime is removed. Whether it is a hot-steam pressure wash or a chemical wash an appropriate method can be agreed to deliver a clean finished result.

If you have a requirement you would like us to help with feel free to get in touch.

Areas We Serve
Clients from all over the country request our high-level and abseil cleaning services, including Greater London and surrounding areas, Reading, Swindon, Bristol and Gloucester, Exeter, Plymouth and Southampton. Work is regularly carried out in Hampshire, Surrey, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Avon, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, but we are happy to help in other areas too. With a wide coverage we can serve our clients in numerous areas in the UK.

Needing us to help? Please give us a call and speak to one of our helpful staff. 

For your cleaning at height requirements, talk to the team at STQ Vantage. Call 01935 474 602, send us a message or email safety@stqvantage.co.uk