Vantage Davit Arm Systems 

Providing safe and appropriate access building facade's can be a challenge, and is not always straight forward.

There a several options available.  Take time to ensure you have the right one.  A poor design now can result in a big problem once you've finished the project.  Speak with one of our specialist advisors for support.

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We are experienced specialists in facade access systems. Tell us what your requirements are and we'll provide you with advice and solutions relating to the following access equipment:

Rope Access Davit Arm Systems

Abseil Davit systems have a similar to function to BMUs. Rather than lifting a large basket up and down a building facade, the Davit system can be likened to rope access / abseiling systems. It enables users to safely attach on the roof before moving to the roof edge, and is especially useful where the parapet is particularly high or wide.

The Roof-Davit enables safe and easy access on and off the roof and parapets, along with the additional benefit of the rotating arm. This allows the user to work across a wider areas of the facade without having to re-position themselves, saving them valuable time and reducing unnecessary hassle.

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Goods-Lifting Davit Arms

For maintenance purposes, goods-lifting davit arms are a critical system to many situations where direct access is not possible. 

Whether you need access to the facade of a building, a tank, or another area, easy, safe lifting units are essential.  Contact us to find out more.

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360 Degree Rotating Davit Arm System - A High Quality Design

This system has been designed to meet modern-day rope access technician safety and operation requirements, enabling the davit arms to easily rotate whilst under load. 

This is very important where an operative needs to shift themselves across a facade to carry out their work. If a davit arm doesn't swivel under load, they may not be able to access the necessary areas.

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Facade Access Davit Arm Systems:

We designed, supplied and installed these davit arm units to integrate seamlessly with the roof build-up, but with minimal visual impact whislt the systems aren't in use.

Depending on the project requirements, you may need either a one-man or a two-man rated system.

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Davit Mount Sockets:

Our davit mount sockets are designed and comply to the Rope Access regulation requirements, ensuring our customers recieve fully compliant systems.

Our specialist team is able to provide advice and assistance to help you meet your requirements as an architect needing to meet CDM requirements, or as a contractor seeking to meet the compliance needs.



Building Maintenance Units / Window Cleaning Cradles

The Building Maintenance Unite (commonly referred to us BMUs or Window Cleaning Cradles) are often seen on tall and extensive buildings, where the building is fitted with glass fronts and windows. There are a range of BMU sizes with some having capacity to carry several users at a time.  Tasks can be completed more effectively in this manner.

Benefits Of Davit Access Systems

Davit access system for facade access. Safe And Versatile Abseil Rope Access Systems.

These Roof-Davit systems can be used to descend buildings using rope access techniques. Rated as rope access and fall arrest devices, in appropriate situations, they can be very effective alternatives to the large Building Maintenance Units (BMU's) / Window Cleaning Cradles.

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Due to the wide variety of building facades the Roof-Davit system can be more appropriate than BMU's in certain situations. It enables rope access technicians to change their position more easily and access areas which would not be possible when using a BMU.  A common situation is where windows are set back within a balcony and window cleaners need to make access.  The Roof-Davit system would allow them to pull themselves in and over the edge to carry out their tasks.  A simple but effective option.

Many high rise London buildings with balcony's find these as quality and simple solutions. 

Whether the equipment is needed  to clean windows, access the building facade to survey and inspect it, or for some other activity, these can be a high-quality and bespoke option with only moderate impact to the roof.

Our clients' and their sites/properties cover a wide area including London City, Greater London and surrounding areas: Richmond, Twickenham, Weybridge, and Farnborough, Basingstoke, Reading, Oxford, Swindon, Bristol and Gloucester, Exeter, Plymouth, Southampton and Eastleigh. Our main work is carried out in Hampshire, Surrey, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Avon, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, but we are happy to help in other areas too. Our wide coverage enables us to serve our clients in many areas of the country.

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