Reusable Face Shield Visors

Reusable Face Sheild Visors - Light, Clear and Durable

If so, have you considered face visors as a means of infection protection?

Perhaps you're looking for a solution that enables you to continue working without violating the Covid-19 social distancing requirements. For some roles, such as hospital duties and cashier roles, you cannot perform the role outside the 2m social distancing requirements and therefore a barrier between people is required.

These face visors have been specially designed to meet this need, to ensure work can continue with minimum disruption and maximum productivity.

Reusable Face Shielf Visors

£3.50 per visor. Reusable Budget Quality Face Visor Shield. Useable On Construction Sites

Product Code: FSM002

Face Shield Visors:

  • Maintain face protection with these elasticated reusable head-band visors, and keep your workplace functioning and productive.
  • Polycarbonate visors are 30 times more impact resistance than acrylic.
  • Optical Grade visors ensure excellent visibility

£3.50 per visor. Reusable Quality Face Shield Visors. Ideal for school staff.  Construction Site Useable.

Product Code: FSM002

Face Shield Visors:

  • The light weight design enables users to wear these visors for sustained periods of time.
  • Clear screen shields for good visibility.
  • Easy to wear and cause minimum obstruction.
  • The soft forehead foam band provides comfort for extended periods of wearing
  • Tough polycarbonate screen makes them almost unbreakable - unlike acrylic.  Great for active environments.
  • A quality design that will last.
  • They have a wider splay at the bottom of the visor to prevent the visors from steaming up over time.

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(Minimum Order Quantity: 20 visors)

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STQ Vantage take no liability for the use of this equipment resulting in personal injury or damage to property. Appropriate risk assessments should be undertaken before determining the suitability of these face sheild visors.