Fall Protection Equipment Systems

Save time with our coordinated and collaborating approach

Our advice is backed by over 25 years experience, so you will receive tried and tested, high-quality results. From the design inception to the on-site installation and final handover, STQ Vantage will provide you with supportive teams to help you delivery your objectives with the quickest and most hassle-free interaction.

Fall arrest & fall restraint solutions, designed and installed by experienced specialists.

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Interfacing Challenges?

You may be well aware of the interfacing challenges between two subcontractors interfacing their works. Whether they disagree, or resist to collaborate and act with passive-resistance, it's a distraction a waste of your time and a headache at best.

What do we do? 

In understanding these issues, we make a structured approach which prevents the issues.  It also removes the hidden costs of revisits.

It requires extra effort from our team, but at least you'll get from what you ultimately want - the product delivered and no hassle or costs on the way - the subtle but impactful advantages of proactive project managers, and cooperative and collaborative site teams.

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