Permanent mansafe systems. Fall protection.

Roof guardrails - free standing and fixed roof edge protection

Roof edge protection guardrails systems are a critical safety component in collective fall protection systems. Free standing or fixed handrails providing reliable roof edge protection play a vital role in providing a safe environment for all those who have to work at height.

STQ Vantage brings you in-depth expertise in the design and fitting of safety guard rail systems to protect roof perimeters, walkways and access points, for any type of flat or inclined roof space, on commercial and industrial buildings.

Free standing roof edge protection handrail systems

Where only occasional rooftop access is required, free standing guardrails are more than adequate for collective fall protection. These lightweight handrails use a non-slip, counter-weighted system that avoids penetrating the roof membrane. Collapsible variants are also available to help minimise impact on building aesthetics.

Fixed roof edge protection handrail systems

And where there’s a more regular need for rooftop access, particularly in situations where a team of people need to be protected, permanent, fixed hand rails are the solution of choice for collective fall protection.



Maintenance operatives - These free standing fall protection guardrail systems provide collective safety for all those needing to access the roof area, particularly for contractors who may need to maintain the PV panels. Guardrail installed in Plymouth, Devon.


Roof handrail system installed in Somerset

Small areas - Where you need protection in small areas, handrail collective protection can be the most appropriate form of safety. This guardrail system in Piccadilly, London provides for that purpose.

Collective protection free standing handrail, installed to roof in Somerset

Training - Collective roof edge fall protection guardrail system.  The benefit of using a collective protection system, is it reduces the need for training. Where areas are accessed on semi-frequent or frequent basis, this can be very effective, especially if they maintenance personnel are not trained in using personal height safety equipment. 


Demarcation Barriers

However, not all situations need guardrail, but may require a system to direct those working on roofs.


In some instances, where a rigid guardrail is not required, a demarcation barrier system can be more appropriate. It is often used to guide roof traffic away from danger zones, reducing the risk of falling. Installed in Swansea, Wales.

Cities we frequently service

Our customers ask us to assist with their collective fall protection needs in areas including Greater London and surrounding areas, Reading, Swindon, Bristol and Gloucester, Exeter, Plymouth and Southampton. Our customers generarlly call on us in Counties all across Southern England and include Surrey, Hampshire, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Avon, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. With the wide coverage it enables us to serve our customers in many areas of the country, which we understand is especially important to to Facilities Managers who manage multiple properties.

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