Infection Protection Divider Screens

If you have customer-facing staff consider our infection protection screens - they provide a fantastic protection for those working in close proximity to others.

To prevent catching infections our screens can be positioned on your counter-top or floor to create a shield between frontline staff and patients.

Built with a simple design, our tough, durable screens can be quickly wiped and disinfected, to save you time and effectively remove lingering infections.

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Minimum Order Quantity: 3 Units


Counter-Top Infection Protection Screens

Counter Protection Shields. Sneeze Infection Protection Screen Partition Dividers For Receptionist Desks. Used In Hospitals, Doctor Surgeries, Dentist Practices, Cashiers

Our Desk-Top Or Counter Top Infection / Sneeze Screens Provide Ultimate Protection For Receptionists. Quick To Install, Easy To Clean, Built To Last. (Code: CPS-F)

Flat-Pack Infection Screens

Flat Sneeze Screen Guards. Counter Protection Sheilds. V-Screen

For customer-facing occupations these flat-screen designs can be fitted where space is at a premium, whilst still providing excellent counter protection shield. (Code: SGDM01)

Side-Return Infection Screens

Acrylic Infection Protection Screen Guards. Counter Protection Sheilds. V-Screens

For situations where you want protection from the side, these C-shape screens are a great, quick and easy to install option. 

The standard cut out size is 300mm W x 150mm H, but can be cut to suit. (Code: SGDM21)

Desk Top:

1000mm (w) x 700mm (h) (Code: SGDM01)
600mm (w) x 700mm (h) (Code: SGDM21)

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This is our standard size range, but we can provide you with alternative sizes if you require. Contact us on:

t: 01935 474602

e: ohs@stqvantage.co.uk

We aim to help customers maintain their occupational health and safety (OHS) levels to the highest standard through resourceful, responsive and professional communication, so feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.