Fixed Ladder Access & Ladder Safety Systems

Vertical cable-based fall arrest systems can be integrated with any fixed ladder access system to dramatically enhance the safety of workers climbing a variety of tall structures, from buildings to chimneys, silos to towers.

Designed to follow the profile and gradients of a fixed ladder, a STQ Vantage vertical safety line systems enable workers to move up and down the complete height of a structure without having to disconnect the harness and find a new tie-off point.

To arrest a fall the system is used in conjunction with a guided type fall arrester. The fall arrester travels along the anchorage line, and accompanies the user without requiring manual adjustment during upward or downward changes of position and locks automatically on the anchorage line when a fall occurs.

By removing the limitations and inherent danger of traditional ladder loop protection during a fall, a permanent safety system for fall arrest on ladders will increase worker safety, climbing mobility and productivity.

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Learn the comaprisons between hooped ladders and personal fall arrest systems here.


Fixed Safety Ladder Installations:

Fixed ladder system with this fall arrest system provides continuous safety. Bolted to the wall to enable safe roof access. Installed in the UK in Somerset.  Roof Access made safe.

This ladder fall arrest lanyard and track system enables users to safely climb the ladder. A fall would be arrested immediately.

Ladder access fall arrest track system, with travelling anchor. Permanent roof access made safe. Vertical access.

Safe access to and from the roof edge has been developed by this guardrail and ladder fall arrest system.

Invisirung vertical track ladder system with folding step handles

Vertical ladder fall arrest systems enable continous safe access to high level roofs.

The above 3 photos show the completed installation of a vertical track fall arrest system. The handles and steps fold against the ladder rail providing a subtle roof access sytem.

Securely fixed to the wall, this roof access system is compliant to BS EN795 and will effectively arrest the fall of an operative.

The system is simple to use, and requires a full body harness and a travelling fall arrest anchor which follows the user up and down the track, keeping the operative safe at all times.


Ladder Safety Equipment - Fall Arrest Devices

Fixed access ladder safety equipment - fall arrest Cabloc Pro travelling anchor device. Ladder restraint systems for continuous safety.

These fall arrest ladder safety devices are attached to the users harness, providing continuous fall arrest protection.

Ladder fall arrest cable system. Roof access safety.

Attaching a fall arrest cable system to an existing ladder wihtout suitable safety is excellent way of meeting working at height requirements.


Vertical Fall arrest Ladder with Folding Handles and Steps

Vertical Fall-Arrest Ladder with Folding Steps

These ladder track systems ensure users are safe at all times. In the event of a fall the user will remain safe and will not suffer the injuries posed from falling through a hooped ladder; hooped ladderes can cause serious injuries, especially to the user's more vulnerable limbs (legs, arms, neck etc).

The operator pulls down the folding handles and steps as they ascend the ladder.

Aluminium Access Ladder. Safe Roof Access. Fixed Vertical Access Ladder with Grap Rails for User Safety. Installed in the UK by height safety specialists.

Bespoke Access Ladders and Steps

This client needed to gain regular and safe access to the upper roof area. To match their requirements we designed a bespoke, wide runged ladder to enable easy access.


Hooped Access Ladders


Fixed access ladders with hoops. Height safety systems.

Aluminium hooped ladder system

Our high-quality aluminium ladder range fights against corrosion and provides excellent long-term durability in the British outdoor environment.  Durable. Sturdy. Smart.

Fixed hooped ladder fall protection system. Aluminium design. Somerset installation. STQ Vantage

Bespoke Fixed Ladder Access

The STQ Vantage engineers installed this access ladder to enable maintenance teams to access the secluded roof valley.  This was installed in conjunction with a lifeline fall arrest sytem and roof walkway steps to provide a complete working at height safety package.

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