8mm Horizontal VantageLine System

Workers who operate at height are vulnerable to fall risks every day, but ensuring they remain safe whilst they work must begin long before the work commences.

When working at height cannot be avoided, many rely on horizontal fall arrest systems.

Installation of 8mm horizontal lifeline systems

This horizontal lifeline system can be used in many different configurations, and can be designed as fall-arrest or restraint systems.

Systems are designed to enable users to carry out their work without having to unnecessarily disconnect and reconnect to the cable. The continuous and straight line and corners components provide an high-quality system that can be immediately connected to and used at any time. No setting up. No delays. Just simply attach your harness to the cable and you're ready to go!

8mm horizontal lifeline system. STQ Vantage height safety specialists

8mm fall arrest lifeline system. Horizontal line safety for accessing generator units.  VantageLine.

Horizontal lifeline system for generator operative maintenance. Safe Access At Height. STQ Vantage

Specialist installation of horizontal steel cable system, designed to protect workers from falling from height.