What you'll get from our customer service

Customer service has been, and will continue to be, the key to the success of our company.  Due to our focus on each company's specific requirements, you can be assured you will receive a service that meets your particular needs.

So, what will you get?

A reminder of the inspection dates - Before you or your clients’ equipment falls due for inspection you will receive a notification from us reminding you about it, so you needn't worry about overlooking anything.  This will ensure the equipment is always inspected on time and remains complaint. This can be particularly helpful if you sometimes have more urgent priorities to attend to.

Reports on all degraded items - To make your job easier we will send you a report of any other damaged or degraded equipment needing attention that we notice when we're on the roof. You can then instruct others to complete the rectification works, which ensures the property fabric is always in the best possible condition.  It is our firm belief that our customers highly value this approach, which is why we give more than is asked of us.

Quick responses - To help keep your projects moving, we will respond quickly to your enquiries, book visits in the fastest possible time, and send your certificates and reports within 5 working days of site visits, although 95% receive them within 3 working days.

Our priorities fitting your deadlines - If you have specific requirements such as KPI’s, deadlines or regular updates, then let us know and we’ll include you in our bespoke account management system. This ensures what is essential to you is made priority for us.

We look forward to working with you soon.

For your fall protection requirements, talk to the team at STQ Vantage. Call 01935 474 602, send us a message or email safety@stqvantage.co.uk