Step-Over Units

Rigid High Quality Access Steps Made From Aluminium with GRP Grip Treading - STQ Vantage Safe Access Specialists

Step-Over Units & Access Platforms

What Is Your Situation?  Do you have pipework or plant on a roof which you require safe access over?

Possible Solution: The Step-Over Platform Units provide easy access across congested and obstructive plant.

Contact us to discuss your specific situation.


Step Over Roof Access Unit Made From Aluminium. Sturdy, Rigid, High-Quality Manufacture - STQ Vantage Safe Access Specialists

Sturdy, Weather-Resistant, Non-Slip Step Over Units. These high-quality units are bespoke designs to suit each application.

Step Over Access Unit With Non-Slip GRP Grating. Designed By STQ Vantage Safe Access Specialists

The aluminium tubing and the broad caddy feet ensures only minimal weight is transfered to the roof, preventing any sinkage into membrane roofs and causing damage.  The excellent design provides brilliant value for money.


Step Over Safe Roof Access Unit, Designed with GRP Grating for a Non-Slip Walkway

With GRP treading our step over platforms ensure operators remain safe regardless of the weather conditions, removing the risk of working at height or alone.