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The British Standards for Stairs, Ladders & Walkways

Meeting compliance is of all-importance.  From ensuring buildings are built correctly to protect the occupants, to ensuring operatives can safely maintain the building without causing themselves injury is of vital importance for companies liability protection, reputation and ongoing business.

STQ Vantage help companies meet their requirements by ensuring our systems are designed and built to comply with the British Standards.  Our products meet the BS5395-3:1985 & BS4592-0:2006+A1:2012 Standards.

If you require equipment that ensures the safety of users contact our professional team to discuss requirements. 

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Step Over Platform.  Compliant design with high-grip GRP deck.

Stepover Unit - Built To Last

Sturdy, Weather-Resistant, Non-Slip Step Over Units. These high-quality units are bespoke designs to suit each application.

VantageStep Stepover Access Unit With Non-Slip GRP Grating. Designed By STQ Vantage Safe Access Specialists

Stepover Unit - Light-Weight For Roof Protection

The aluminium tubing and the broad caddy feet ensures only minimal weight is transfered to the roof, preventing any sinkage into membrane roofs and causing damage.  The excellent design provides brilliant value for money.


Step Over Safe Roof Access Unit, Designed with GRP Grating for a Non-Slip Walkway

Stepover Unit - High-Grip GRP Deck

With GRP treading our step over platforms ensure operators remain safe regardless of the weather conditions, removing the risk of working at height or alone.

Escape Walkway Platform with mesh to handrails

Access Walkway Platform - Compliant & Durable

This Access Walkway Platform provides a safe means of access on a link-bridge several storeys above ground level, between to buildings.  The client required us to install mesh panels to the lower handrail section to prevent smaller children from deviating from the main pathway.

Our system has an advanced design which ensures the handrails and platform are sturdy and do not wobble.  The aluminium frame and GRP deck also ensure the unit will last decades in the outdoor conditions.




"It was quick and easy to fit, and one we could get it up on the roof with. And then the fact that there is a bit of flexibility and adjustment which came in real handy to be honest. The fact that it was so light we were able to put some paving stones down for it to sit on, so we didn't have to anchor it through to the roof slab. It was brilliant! Something that worked for once - hurrah!"

Client in Buckinghamshire. Project in Kensington, London.


Benefits of the VantageStep Units

1) Light-Weight Aluminium Frame:

2) Load-Spreading Caddy Feet:

3) High Grip GRP Deck:


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