About STQ Vantage

STQ Vantage have been around since 1994 enabling people working at height to safely work at height, with the assurance their system is fully compliant, installed to a high standard, and maintained by professionals.

At STQ Vantage we go beyond fall protection systems and maintenance services. We commit to the highest safety standards for your construction and roofing endeavours, ensuring consistent compliance with vital regulations.

Strategy. Design. Protect.

Anchored by our core methodology “Strategy. Design. Protect.” We have offered a holistic solution from initial consultation, expert design, to meticulous installation and certification since 1994.
Our reputation as trusted experts, rooted in a family-run ethos, ensures adaptability, swift response, and unwavering dedication to your project’s safety and success.

Whether for a new build, retrofit, or improving upon existing setups, we tailor our strategies to align with your pivotal KPIs.

Our distinction lies in a vast array of satisfied clients, consistent high-quality, and a reputation that stands for care, professionalism, and unparalleled value.

Our core values

Strive for Excellence

We consistently aim to exceed expectations, elevating the standard of quality in every job. Our commitment to excellence influences every aspect of our business, from client interaction to the rigor of our inspection and certification processes.

Cultivate Passion

We believe that passion is the driving force behind innovation and excellence. Our team members are not just technically proficient; they are passionate about delivering the highest level of service and achieving outstanding results for our clients.

Embrace Initiative

In a constantly evolving industry landscape, proactivity is crucial. We encourage our team members to take the initiative, be it in identifying potential challenges before they become problems or exploring new methods to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Commit to Precision

Accuracy is non-negotiable in our line of work, especially where safety and compliance are concerned. We are committed to ensuring that every inspection, design, and certification we conduct is carried out with the utmost precision.

Uphold Integrity

We operate under a strict code of ethics, ensuring that we are always honest, transparent, and fair. Integrity forms the backbone of our client relationships and is essential for establishing trust and credibility in our business.

Foster Continuous Growth

In an ever-changing regulatory and technological environment, continuous growth and learning are essential. We invest in ongoing training and encourage a culture of learning and development, ensuring that our team is always at the forefront of industry standards and practices.

Focus on Problem-Solving

Rather than just identifying problems, we aim to find effective and efficient solutions. We approach each challenge as an opportunity for improvement, applying analytical thinking and industry expertise to solve issues for our clients.

Practice Humility

While we take pride in our expertise and accomplishments, we believe that humility is essential for true success. Listening to our clients, acknowledging different viewpoints, and continuously seeking ways to improve are fundamental aspects of how we do business.

  • Very effectively through the design stage based on our base structural design.

    Please note, as this is a life safety element, we feel strongly this package should be considered on cost and competence in design and installation. STQ are a great company in both respects and have guided us very effectively through the design stage based on our base structural design.

    Patrick – Senior Design Manager

We’re collaborative, we’re proactive, we’re supportive. You can’t beat excellent customer service!