Roof Access Systems

Roof access systems are indispensable for ensuring safe and straightforward vertical accessibility to elevated platforms and structures. At STQ Vantage, we excel in the inspection and certification of various roof access systems. We guarantee that your fixed access ladders, step-over units and access platforms, and walkway systems are scrupulously examined, maintained, and in line with industry norms.

Importance of Regular Inspection and Certification

Efficiency: Over time, roof access systems can show signs of wear or damage. Through consistent inspections, we ensure that these systems operate at their optimal capacity.

Compliance: Adhering to the evolving regulatory standards for roof access systems is crucial. Our inspections and certifications vouch for your system’s alignment with these industry regulations.

Safety: The core intent of these examinations is to spotlight any impending safety hazards. Maintaining the systems in pristine condition substantially lowers the risk of accidents from faulty parts or installations.

Why choose STQ Vantage?

Achieving Your KPI and SLA Targets: At STQ Vantage, our focus isn’t just on providing safety and regulatory compliance for Roof Access Systems. We offer bespoke services specifically designed to assist Facilities Management companies in achieving their key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs). All inspections and certifications are conducted in line with the latest industry standards and best practice guidelines.

Unmatched Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned experts profoundly knowledgeable about roof access systems. We continuously stay abreast of industry changes, promising unparalleled inspections and certifications.

Thorough Assessments: We meticulously inspect every vital facet of roof access systems, spotting any signs of wear, corrosion, or flawed installations.

Assured Compliance: Collaborating with STQ Vantage assures that your roof access systems comply with all mandatory requirements.

Choosing STQ Vantage For Inspection and Certification of Roof Access Systems

Get in touch today to schedule an inspection, safeguarding the longevity, efficiency, and safety of your roof access systems.

  • Very effectively through the design stage based on our base structural design.

    Please note, as this is a life safety element, we feel strongly this package should be considered on cost and competence in design and installation. STQ are a great company in both respects and have guided us very effectively through the design stage based on our base structural design.

    Patrick – Senior Design Manager

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