Guard Rail Protection

Guardrails for working at height are safety systems designed to prevent falls and provide protection for individuals working in elevated environments. These guardrails consist of sturdy barriers or railings that are installed along the edges of platforms, walkways, roofs, or any other elevated areas where the risk of falling exists.

The primary purpose of guardrails is to create a physical barrier that prevents workers from accidentally stepping or falling off the edge. They serve as a collective fall protection measure, ensuring the safety of individuals by providing a secure boundary that helps to mitigate the risk of accidents and injuries.

Protective Guardrail Systems for Comprehensive Fall Protection

Safeguarding the well-being of individuals working at heights is of paramount importance, and STQ Vantage offers a comprehensive range of guardrail protection systems to address this critical need. Our expertise lies in designing and installing guardrails that ensure the protection of roof perimeters, walkways, and access points on commercial and industrial buildings, regardless of the roof’s configuration.

Free-Standing Guardrail Systems for Rooftop Access: When rooftop access is required, our free-standing guardrail systems provide exceptional collective fall protection. These lightweight handrails utilise a non-slip, counter-weighted design that eliminates the need for roof membrane penetration. For enhanced versatility, we also offer collapsible variants that minimise the impact on the building’s aesthetics.

Top-Fixed Space-Saving Guardrail Systems for Metal Roof Profiles: In situations where space constraints make counter-weight legs and weights impractical, our top-fixed guardrail systems offer an effective solution. These guardrails provide robust protection while maintaining a minimal footprint, making them ideal for restricted spaces.

Versatile Demarcation Barriers for Guiding Roof Traffic: Not all scenarios require guardrails, but proper guidance is necessary to ensure safety for those working on roofs. Our demarcation barrier systems serve this purpose by directing roof traffic away from danger zones, effectively reducing the risk of falls. They are particularly useful in situations where rigid guardrails are not required.

Choosing STQ Vantage for your Guardrail systems

Our customisable guardrail systems prioritise collective safety, eliminating the need for individual training and ensuring a secure environment for all workers accessing the roof area. With weather-resistant durability and easy installation and maintenance, contact STQ Vantage to deliver reliable and effective guardrail solutions that prioritise safety.

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