Roof Access Systems

The intricate design and structure of modern buildings often require complex roof access systems to ensure worker safety and building integrity. Such systems need to effectively address the challenges of varying roof designs, potential obstacles, and safe navigation, especially when working at height.

Ensure Safety and Protect Your Infrastructure

Working at height, especially on roofs, brings about its unique set of challenges and hazards. Obstacles such as HVAC units, pipelines, and uneven surfaces can pose risks of trips or falls. Moreover, the constant foot traffic and weight can wear out or damage roof surfaces, leading to costly repairs or, worse, potential accidents. It’s crucial to have reliable roof access systems to ensure worker safety and protect the structural integrity of the building.

A Partner in Your Roof Access Needs

At STQ Vantage, we want to ensure your workers’ safety while preserving your building’s integrity. We specialise in providing roof access solutions that are customised to the unique challenges of each project. From survey, and design, to installation and regular maintenance, our experienced team handles each aspect meticulously.

  • Reliable, professional, and communicative at all times.

    STQ Vantage were reliable, professional, and communicative at all times. The man-safe system was installed quickly and when we had an issue the team responded quickly and adapted the changes as per our request. Many thanks to the team and specially to Alec who has been helpful throughout the process!

    Saioa – Project Manager

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