Working at Height Training

Fall Protection Training

As well as the requirement to provide people working at height with the correct fall protection equipment and systems, there’s also a statutory obligation to ensure they are trained in its use.

STQ Vantage therefore provides a range of height safety training courses designed to ensure that employees are able to recognise and manage a hazard when working at height and use fall protection equipment correctly.

On site fall protection training courses from STQ Vantage include:

  •  Pre-use inspection, and use of safety body harnesses
  • Use of horizontal lifeline fall arrest systems
  • Use of height safety rescue equipment

As a result of clients finding it more beneficial to be trained on the use of the specific systems they use on a regular basis, we carry out the bespoke training courses on our clients site, rather than off-site. The trainees gain maximum knowledge about the safest use of their specific system, and find it easier to ask relevant and meaningful questions, helping them get the maximum benefit from the training.

  • Such an efficient job with minimal guidance.

    I wanted to thank the guys on site for doing such an efficient job with minimal guidance needed, they were very professional, and I would gladly have them back on site.

    Estates Operations Coordinator

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