Façade Access Strategy

You understand construction. Designing the foundations of a building correctly is essential. Developing a style that fits the area is a ‘must have’. Maintaining the building’s visuals is essential – and that’s where STQ Vantage fit in. We enable access to the entire building facades.

Our unique advantage comes from the fact that we have an Installation arm to the company. This means we can go beyond theory, and into the realms of reality and first-hand experience. We know the products, we know what works, we know what to leave out. Our Façade Access Strategies can be used and worked from, and they won’t need redeveloping.

Stage 3 Façade Access Drawings

As industry experts, STQ Vantage enables the construction industry to build high-rise buildings whilst meeting the CDM access requirements to the building facades. With our stage 3, project-specific Façade Access drawings, you can be confident your new building can be successfully accessed for the duration of its life, kept clean and maintained.

Trustworthy and Reliable Consultations

At STQ Vantage, our consultation services for façade access systems installations and roof fall protection systems set the foundation for success. We understand the importance of a holistic design approach that considers the unique requirements of each project and seamlessly integrates with other trades. With our team of experienced professionals, we provide detailed assessments , expert advice, and straightforward solutions to ensure optimal design and system selection.

Optimised Design and Seamless Integration: Our holistic design integration-optimised approach considers the impact on other trades, and ensures the proposal is not only theoretical, but integrates with your building’s features and other trades. . By considering the broader scope and maximising synergies, we eliminate potential conflicts, minimise disruptions, and streamline the installation process.

Compliance and Safety Assurance: With our experienced team and attention to detail, customers can have confidence in the compliance and safety of their façade access installations and roof fall protection systems. Our thorough assessments identify the risks and ensure that the design and systems meet regulatory requirements, minimising liability and enhancing safety.

Time and Cost Savings: Our straightforward and responsive approach to consultation saves valuable time and resources. By providing expert advice, and optimised designs upfront, we reduce the likelihood of design changes, rework, and delays, ultimately saving costs and improving project efficiency.

Work With an Experienced Design Team

Our highly skilled design team conducts a thorough review of your drawings, working closely with you to understand your unique requirements and challenges. Leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge, we create a bespoke design system that precisely addresses your specific needs, ensuring optimal functionality, efficiency, and visual aesthetics.

STQ Vantage is your trusted partner in achieving optimal façade access and roof fall protection systems. Our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to safety ensure that your projects and existing buildings are in capable hands. Contact us to discover more

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  • Such an efficient job with minimal guidance.

    I wanted to thank the guys on site for doing such an efficient job with minimal guidance needed, they were very professional, and I would gladly have them back on site.

    Estates Operations Coordinator

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