Bird Netting Systems

From debris and damage to inconvenience and costly problems, bird infestations can be a major concern for building managers and facility management companies. At STQ, we offer bird netting systems designed to provide a highly effective deterrent and barrier to keep birds away.

Efficient Bird Deterrent for Various Locations

Whether you have a flat roof area or window ledges, our bird netting installations are strategically placed to address these problems head-on. Our goal is to create a bird-free environment and prevent birds from accessing areas where they can cause damage or disruption.

Our Bird Netting Solutions

Inconspicuous and Functional Design: Our bird netting systems are designed to be both effective and inconspicuous. From a distance, they blend seamlessly with the surroundings, ensuring minimal visual impact. We understand the importance of maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your building while addressing bird control concerns.

Preserving Roof Access with High-Post Bird Net Systems: We recognise that maintaining access to the roof area is essential for various tasks. That’s why our high-post bird net systems are designed to provide effective bird control without compromising roof accessibility. With our solutions, you can still access the roof area when needed, ensuring convenience and functionality.

Protection for Metal Roof Sheets and Membranes: Our bird netting solutions are suitable for various types of roofs, including metal roof sheets and membrane or bitumen roofs. We offer specialised designs, such as bird netting for metal roof sheets, which effectively prevent unwanted bird nesting. Additionally, our self-weighted and self-supporting bird netting systems enable you to avoid making a lot of penetrations to your roof membrane or bitumen.

Choose STQ for Reliable Bird Netting Pest Control

At STQ, we prioritise providing effective and reliable bird netting solutions for pest control. Ensuring cost-effective and long-term bird control solutions that enhance safety and protect the value of your property.
Contact us today to learn more about our bird netting solutions and how we can help you maintain a bird-free environment.

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