Abseil Anchors

When traditional access methods such as scaffolding or platforms are not feasible for accessing elevated areas of a building, finding a safe and reliable solution is crucial. Limited access can lead to prolonged maintenance schedules, increased costs, and compromised safety for workers.

STQ Vantage specialises in designing and installing custom abseil anchor points that provide safe and independent rope access to building facades. Our abseil anchors are carefully designed to meet stringent regulations, considering the roof profile, building facade, and intended use, ensuring the highest levels of safety and functionality.

Tailored Abseil Anchors

Custom Designed: Our abseil anchor point posts are tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of each building. They are designed to provide secure attachment points for rope access activities, enabling workers to carry out their tasks with confidence.

Compliance with BS7883: We strictly adhere to the BS7883 regulations, ensuring that our abseil anchors meet the highest safety standards. This compliance guarantees the reliability and effectiveness of our systems.

Improved Building Access: By installing abseil anchors, buildings gain improved access to previously inaccessible areas, such as rooftops or high-rise facades. This enables efficient maintenance, inspection, and cleaning, reducing the need for additional access solutions. The anchors can be fitted to a roof or a wall.

Cost and Time Savings: The provision of safe rope access through abseil anchors can significantly shorten maintenance schedules and minimise disruption. This results in cost savings and improved productivity while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Choosing STQ Vantage for your abseil anchor needs

STQ Vantage is a specialist contractor renowned for its expertise in rope access systems. Our experienced team provides comprehensive advice, designs customized solutions, and ensures professional installation of abseil anchors

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  • Very effectively through the design stage based on our base structural design.

    Please note, as this is a life safety element, we feel strongly this package should be considered on cost and competence in design and installation. STQ are a great company in both respects and have guided us very effectively through the design stage based on our base structural design.

    Patrick – Senior Design Manager

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