Davit Arm Systems

A Davit arm system is a specialist equipment used for safe and controlled access of personnel to building facades or other elevated areas. It consists of a davit arm, which is a component that rises vertically and extends horizontally from a fixed base or mounting point. The purpose of a davit arm system is to provide a secure anchor point for workers performing tasks such as maintenance, inspection, window cleaning, or facade access.

Facade Access Davit Systems

Facade Access Davit Systems are specifically designed to facilitate the safe and controlled access of workers to the exterior surfaces of buildings. These systems allow technicians to perform maintenance, cleaning, and inspection tasks efficiently, ensuring the facade remains in optimal condition while ensuring the safety of personnel working at height.

Man Riding Davit Systems

Man Riding Davit Systems are designed to safely transport workers in harnesses to elevated work areas. These systems are commonly used in confined spaces or areas where traditional access methods are impractical. With robust davit arms and secure attachment points, these systems enable workers to be lowered or raised to their desired work location, ensuring their safety and productivity.

Material Handling Davit Systems

Material Handling Davit Systems are designed to facilitate the lifting and transport of heavy loads in various industrial settings. These robust systems feature strong davit arms and lifting equipment that can be easily adjusted to accommodate different load sizes and weights. Material handling davit systems enhance productivity and safety by providing a secure and efficient means of moving materials and equipment within the workplace.

Rotating Davit Access Systems

Rotating Davit Access Systems offer enhanced flexibility and manoeuvrability during facade access operations. These systems feature davit arms that can rotate, allowing workers to access a wider range of areas without the need for repositioning. This saves time and effort while ensuring safe and efficient work at height. Rotating davit access systems are ideal for projects requiring access to multiple points along a building facade.

Safe and Versatile Access: Our davit arm systems offer safe and reliable access to building facades, enabling workers to perform their tasks efficiently and securely. Whether it’s rope access, abseiling, or other access techniques, our systems provide a high level of safety.

Customization and Adaptability: We understand that each project is unique, and that’s why our davit arm systems are customisable and adaptable to various building configurations and access requirements. We can tailor the system to suit your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and usability.

Rotating Arm Capability: Our roof-davit system features a rotating arm, allowing workers to access a wider area of the facade without the need for repositioning. This saves time and minimises unnecessary hassle, improving productivity on the job.

Compliance and Quality: Our davit arm systems comply with relevant safety regulations and industry standards. We prioritise the quality and durability of our systems to ensure long-term reliability and performance.

Minimal Visual Impact:
We design our davit arm units to integrate seamlessly with the roof build-up, ensuring minimal visual impact when the systems are not in use. This preserves the aesthetic appearance of the building while still providing functional access.

Ability to lift goods:
Goods-lifting davit arms play a crucial role in situations where direct access is challenging or impossible. These reliable systems are essential for safely and conveniently lifting goods during maintenance tasks, whether it’s accessing building facades, tanks, or other areas.

Choosing STQ Vantage for your davit arm systems

At STQ Vantage, we specialise in facade access systems and offer a range of davit arm systems tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, the design and installation of the access system must be carefully executed to avoid complications or issues in the future.


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