Survey & Audits

At STQ Vantage, we offer comprehensive surveys and audits for existing building façades and roof fall protection systems. Our services are designed to evaluate the condition, safety, and compliance of your building’s working at height access systems, providing you with valuable insights and recommendations for improvement.

Thorough Assessment

Our experienced team conducts thorough assessments of existing building façade access systems and roof fall protection systems. We evaluate the condition of the systems, identify potential risks, and assess compliance with relevant regulations and standards. Where you have no safety systems in place, we’ll advise you on options and their Pros and Cons, their speed of installation, and their cost differences.

Expert Recommendations

Based on our assessments, we provide expert recommendations for improving the safety, functionality, and compliance of your access systems. Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience ensure that you receive practical and effective solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Compliance Assurance

With our surveys and audits, you can have confidence in the compliance of your access systems. We identify any areas of non-compliance and provide guidance on how to rectify them, minimising liability and ensuring a safe working environment.

Safety Enhancement

Our surveys and audits are focused on enhancing the safety of your building’s working at height safety access systems. By identifying potential risks and providing recommendations for improvement, we help you create a safer environment for workers and maintenance personnel.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our expert recommendations are aimed at providing cost-effective solutions for improving your access systems. We prioritise practicality and efficiency, ensuring that your investment yields the desired results while minimising unnecessary expenses.

Long-Term Maintenance Planning

Through our surveys and audits, we help you develop long-term maintenance plans for your access systems. By identifying potential issues and suggesting preventive measures, we assist in extending the lifespan of your systems and reducing unexpected repair costs.

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  • Such an efficient job with minimal guidance.

    I wanted to thank the guys on site for doing such an efficient job with minimal guidance needed, they were very professional, and I would gladly have them back on site.

    Estates Operations Coordinator

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