Rigid Fall Arrest Rail Systems

With the ever increasing need of protecting personnel when working at height, STQ Vantage now provide the rigid VantageRail rail system.

VantageRail Fall-Protection Rail Systems

What Is It?

The VantageRail Wall-Mounted and VantageRail Roof-Mounted Systems have been designed for fall-arrest, fall-restraint, work-positioning, and suspended rope access activities.  It differs from the cable-based lifeline systems in that the system is a rigid rail system.  This provides a two key differences and benefits:

  1. The system does not flex under normal working loads.  This is essential for high-risk fall-arrest and rope access scenarios as it removes the chances of operatives who thought they were restrained, from falling due to a deflection in the system - like the cable systems pose.
  2. Users can operate hands-free.  This is a massive benefit to users who need to carry equipment and tools, or need two hands to carry out maintenance activities.  Once attached, the user can walk wherever they need without having to navigate any intermediates, or belay between anchors.


Unirail STQ VantageRail Safety Track

The VantageRail Wall-Mounted system carriage trolley incorporates four integral wheels, which provide a smooth and easy way to traverse the system.  There are no intermediate brackets to navigate with this safety rail system.

VantageRail Wall Mounted Safety System.  Clerkenwell.  Battersea.

Where low parapets and fall-risks are present, fitting the safety rail system to the wall provides operatives the confidence they are safe, and restrained from danger.


Features and Benefits of the VantageRail Systems

  • Rigorously tested product backed up with custom system design capabilities: your system will work to protect your employees when required, ensuring worker confidence and satisfaction
  • System offers workers continuous hands free movement and navigates corners and building contours, thereby providing maximum design and integration flexibility
  • A discrete design and range of fixing brackets ensure design flexibility and offer concealed fixing solutions to complement building aesthetics
  • Meets current international product standards: tested in accordance with EN795, ensuring customers meet their legal obligations
  • Anodising of all parts and use of 316 stainless steel provides greater longevity, adding value to your investment and saving future maintenance and replacement costs
  • Product design and fixing centres reduce structural loading and increase UniRail’s ability to adapt to the building or structures tolerances, especially in weaker structures


VantageRail fall-restraint safety track system. Tourist safety at height.

Used in the tourism industry, these fall-restraint VantageRail Wall-Mounted enable personnel to safely access great heights without needing to detach.  Operatives are continously attached without the needing to belay from one system to another.


Roof VantageRail Roof-Mounted Systems


VantageRail subtle fall protection roof rail system.  RoofSafe Rail Installer

Maximum Safety - Minimal Visual Impact

The rigid fall protection Roof Safety VantageRail Roof-Mounted system is excellent where minimal visual impact is required. Conservation areas, high-end property and other developments appreciate the qualities of this durable system.


To avoid penetrating zinc roofs we clamp the Roof VantageRail Roof-Mounted to the seams.  A simple unobstrusive solution.