Testing Lightning Conductor Protection Systems

Just like all your height safety systems, your building’s lightning protection and static earthing systems need to function correctly, without fail, each and every time they’re called into action. Lightning strikes aren’t particularly predictable, so permanent readiness is a pre-requisite.

The protection of your people, premises and mission critical IT assets is paramount and work regulations insist that lightning conductor protection systems are tested every 12 months in accordance with British Standards - you and/or your client needs to comply.


Lightning Protection System Installation

Lightning protection system tape install

We installed multiple down conductor tapes to this refurbishment project, coordinating our works between the main contractor, the roofing contractor and ground works contractors.

We have a proactive, professional and flexible approach.



Lightning Conductor Tape Installation

Lightning Conductor Tape Inspection and Testing

A brand new conductor tape was installed to the perimeter of this building, which led to the down conductor system into the ground.

We install our systems to a high quality finish, working in a cooperative, professional manner. Contact us for a quote or advice.

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Inspection Frequency

According to the regulations - it should be inspected every 12 months.

For true overall accuracy - tests should be carried out in all weather scenarios. 11 month inspections help with this.

11-Monthly Inspections For Accuracy

Why is it suggested that 11-monthly inspections are better?  As a minimum they must be tested in accordance with the relevant British Standard, in accordance with The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 - either BS 6651:1999 or BS EN 62305. They state the maximum period between inspections should be twelve months. 

Fluctuating Ground Conditions:

Due to different climatic conditions different earth resistance reading levels can easily arise. In hotter months with dryer ground a system could fail!, indicating the prior test results were 'distorted'. The same system may pass in wetter ground conditions several months later.

How come?!  In reality the results differ as the weather and ground conditions change. Dryer ground conditions lead to reduced conduction between the lightning rod and the earth and the earth doesn't dissipate the energy quickly. (When testing the system this shows as a higher earth resistance reading).

So for the months when the system is likely to pass, the building, mains electrical equipment and people will be protected from danger, but for the hotter months when the system is less likely to function properly there are some geniune serious and unseen dangers (unseen to those who don't understand the underlying issues).


Having them tested at eleven month intervals provides a more accurate and comprehensive report over time and is your best chance of ensuring the building, mains electrical equipment and people remain safe.

The initial lightning protection system test should be thorough and detailed in accordance with BS 6651 / BS EN 62305, with the following years taking less extensive visual inspections.



Highly Responsive Customer Service

Besides that, you need a company you can rely on. STQ Vantage has been built up over the years on the consistent and reliable service. Poor quality service costs our customers, so it is in our best interest to provide them the best they deserve.

We believe in timely responses; from quotes, to site visits, to certification you should receive a hassle-free journey, and for those who are looking after the LPS on behalf of your client, you need a company who will support you in keeping them satisfied too.

As a part of regular rooftop maintenance programs STQ handles inspection and testing, and provides a certificate of compliance along with a condition report advising remedial action where required, which we trust makes the building maintenance easier for you.


Reliable reports

Not all remedials are critical. Some are recommended and some are good to have, so do not feel under undue pressure to implement non-critical requirements. It is important that your lightning protection partner issues you reliable and fair advice.

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Lightning Conductor Protection System Installation and Testing

Repairing this lightning conductor protection system ensures the building remains protected during lightning strikes (Somerset).

IT equipment can become seriously affected and damaged when lightning systems are ineffective at conducting the electricty.


Lightning Conductor Tape System - Installation and Testing

Testing and inspecting of a lightning conductor system. Having regular tested and maintained lightning protection systems ensures any breaks and defects can be repaired, giving the building maximum protection from lightning strikes. An inspection carried out in Bristol.

Installation Of Fall Protection Systems

With experience installing lightning protection systems (also known as lightning conductor systems), our clients trust us to install what is most appropriate for their property to ensure compliance is maintained. Email the team here.


Areas of lightning protection testing we cover include:

Our clients ask us to test their lightning protection equipment in numerous areas, the main ones consisting including London City, Greater London, Richmond, Twickenham, Mitcham, Hounslow, Guildford, Reading, Swindon, Bath, Bristol, Gloucester, Taunton, Exeter, Plymouth, Yeovil, Bournemouth, Salisbury, Andover, Southampton, Portsmouth, Basingstoke and Farnborough.

We therefore serve clients in Hampshire, Surrey, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Avon, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. Our wide coverage enables us to serve our customers in many areas of the country.

For the inspection and testing of your building’s lightning protection and earthing systems, for complete peace of mind, speak to the STQ Vantage team. Call 01935 474 602, send us a message or email safety@stqvantage.co.uk