Useful Height Safety Terms And Definitions 

Understanding the terminology related to height safety is crucial for both the people working at heights
and those responsible for their safety. Here’s a breakdown of essential terms you should be familiar

Fall Protection

A system designed to stop a worker from going into a free fall, often through the use of rigid barriers or
similar protective mechanisms.

Fall Prevention

Specific measures that are geared towards stopping an individual from going into a free fall in the first
place, typically through the use of fall protection equipment.

Fall Arrest

A system designed to catch a person in the event of a fall, thereby preventing impact with the ground or
structure below. Note: A fall arrest system doesn’t prevent the fall but aims to minimise the risk and
severity of injury should a fall occur.

Fall Mitigation

Strategies and measures aimed at reducing the severity and potential consequences associated with fall

Fall/Work Restraint

A personal fall protection system that limits the individual’s movement away from safe zones, effectively
keeping them out of hazardous areas.

Work Positioning

A fall protection system that enables a person to work in a suspended or tensioned position that
prevents falling. Note: Work positioning is not classified under either fall arrest or work restraint

By familiarising yourself with these terms, you’ll be better equipped to understand and navigate the
various height safety regulations and guidelines. Knowledge of these terms can prove instrumental in
selecting the right protection systems and safety measures for specific working-at-height scenarios.

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