Fall Protection UK Tower Block An High Rise Safety And Facade Access

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Davit Safety Fall Protection Fall-Arrest Man-Riding System Installed By STQ Vantage London

Davit Arm System - Man-Riding Equipment

STQ Vantage engineers installed approx. 100 davits per phase on high-rise multi-block offices in London.

Coordinating closely with the Main Contractor and other specialist contractors we delivered high-quality results at a fast pace without the need of rectifications.


Customer Testimonials

"Thanks for the quick turnaround on this project and the good on site performance."

(In response to a quick quote, site installation and certification of the fall protection lifeline system)

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Dynamic Customer Service

Our dynamic team provides highly-responsive customer support. If you require an urgent installation then get in touch with our team immediately to discuss.

Our team of installers could be with you in days to ensure you or your client is perfectly satisfied.


Working At-Height Services
  • Rope Access Services (facade and building maintenance)
  • Bird Control Services (bird netting, sprung wires and more)
  • High-Level and External Window Cleaning Services
fall protection SYSTEM installations - view here safety equipment installed on a roof topsafety equipment installed on a roof top
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STQ Vantage:
  • Specialist knowledge, skill & collaboration
  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Proactive and responsive teams
About Us

STQ Vantage is an advanced Height Safety Specialist company.

Based in the UK we design and inspect world-class fall protection equipment and provide comprehensive working at-height services.

If you need consultation on the most appropriate system for your building, feel free to get in touch, and we'll design and install the most suitable and safe system for your needs.

Projects We Manage

We are a multi-skilled operation serving clients who are building mega-sheds and sky-scrapers or smaller 3000 sq ft units.

Our approach:
  • Proactive communication
  • Flexible to customer requirements
  • Responsive to client needs

If your project is in Southern England or Wales, contact us now to discuss your requirements.


Fall Protection Systems

  •  Lifeline fall protection systems
  • Guardrail edge protection systems
  • Access ladder systems
  • Rope access anchors and rails
  • Roof walkway systems
  • Dead-weight anchors
  • Roof davit arm systems
  • Safety eyebolts
  • Lightning protection systems 

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Which Fall Protection Systems Need Testing?
  • Lifeline (fall arrest safety wire anchor line) systems
  • Handrail / Guardrail systems
  • Cat-ladders
  • Safety Eyebolts
  • Abseil Anchors
  • Mobile Man Anchors
  • Lifting Hoists
  • BMU & Gantries


LIFELINE SYSTEM inspections - view here

Mansafe system testing. lifeline system inspections. Certificates provided upon completion of inspection. STQ Vantage.

Why STQ Vantage For Inspections?
  • You will be contacted when a inspection is due for renewal by our proactive team to save you missing a job.
  • You will receive clear remedial reports to ensure works can be discussed with your client and approved quicker.
  • Our fast-paced, proactive customer-service team will help complete your PPM work with timely responses.
  • Your specific needs can be meet with our customer-specific approach.

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Where We Operate

We cover a wide area across Southern England, from London City, South London and North London to Birmingham, and from Sussex to Devon remaining close enough to you and your sites to be a reliable support at all times

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